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How to build better bosses for better business

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

It's said that 'people join companies, but leave managers' – so how do you make sure managers improve and people stay?

Everywhere in the world, every company or organization is making an effort to mobilize people in order to succeed. Whether you are a not-for-profit, a government agency, or a commercial company, you are constantly striving to maximize employee contribution to achieve your intended mission and drive extraordinary results.

Of course, there are external challenges that every organization constantly battles, but the most frustrating and costly challenges are mainly internal. There’s a people dimension in every business problem: issues related to turnover, disengaged employees, poor leadership, burnout, employee conflict, ethics violations, and employee theft.

The principal challenge, therefore, that any organization will hurdle is how to hire, develop, engage and retain the right people.

In Good to Great, author Jim Collins wrote about getting the “right people on the bus.” Once you find the right people, you have to find the best way to keep them and eventually put them in the right leadership seats. Have you considered how much having the “wrong” people costs your organization – especially if they are your managers?

It is said, “People join companies, but leave managers.” When new hires join a company, it is often because of what they believe the company represents. Yet a significant number of exit interviews reveal that people leave an organization because of their managers.

In a survey cited in The Real Productivity-Killer: Jerks by Maeghan Ouimet (2012), 65% of the respondents said that they would take a new boss over a pay raise. Yet when managers were asked why their people left, the number one answer given was “for more money.” This discrepancy shows a significant disconnect between those in management and the people that they lead.

The impact that those in managerial roles have upon the performance of the organization should not be underestimated. That is why in this column, we intend to share best practices for managers to become effective leaders of people in the workplace and thereby increase their employee engagement, contribution and productivity.

Boris Joaquin is a top-ranked public speaker and masterful trainer for leadership programs and other soft skills. He is a seasoned management consultant, being involved in various industries and business sizes, from multinationals to locally owned enterprises. Presently, he’s the President & Chief Equipping Officer of Breakthrough Leadership® Management Consultancy, Inc.

Boris is a registered Investor in People Specialist helping assess and advise other organizations to achieve their business priorities through the development of their people. You may be able to contact Boris at (02) 813-2703/32 or email



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