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6 C's of Customer Service

March 31, 2020 | 9 AM to 5 PM | Joy~Nostalg Hotel & Suites Ortigas Manila

Program Description

This program is a product of more than a decade of working for and with companies in several relevant industries (hospital services, retail, telecommunications, independent business, non-profit organizations, schools, etc.). Whether you’re in the service industry or not, customer service is essential to success. The program focuses on the foundation of self-awareness leading into skills that will amplify your influence as a leader at the workplace, school, and home front. The concepts that will be taught focuses on how to identify, satisfy, and exceed the customers’ need and expectations.

What You Can Expect

This dynamic session will harness group sessions with shifts towards breakout activities, pair sharing, self-scoring psychological tests and self-reflection. Expect to acquire established tools in heighten and enrich your circle of influence in all aspects of your life.

Your Facilitator

Mondo Castro has 20 years of experience in media, training, and corporate management. He is a member of the John Maxwell Team and a Gallup Certified Strenghts Coach.


He is a Business & Management Consultant for a US based company VirtuallyinCredible, a division of Home Property Management. Mondo was an ePLDT Ventus’ English Communication Supervisor, handling seven call centers tasked to improve HR’s hiring process, outbound sales, customer service, the e-mail customer service department, and several other business projects. He was formerly a disc jockey for NU-107, 103.5 MAX FM, and 103.5 K-LITE, a TV host for Probe Production’s Gameplan, AutoExtreme, and Channel V’s Popkorn.


He served as a writer for Manila Standard Today for more than 13 years under the music column “The Danger Room.” His band THE PIN-UP GIRLS was signed to a US indie label and was featured in a UK compilation CD and has with US Christian label HolyZone Records.


He is also an entrepreneur as he co-owns Stacy’s restaurant located in Greenstreet Quezon City and in BGC, with his wife Angelique & friends.


Mondo Castro has Masters in Business Administration degrees from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business and the Regis University in Colorado.

Course Outline

  • Understand why your mindset needs to be altered to achieve more success.

  • Appreciate the scientific benefits of serving others.

  • Discover how you can manage your thoughts and self-talk to increase self-motivation and manage negativity.

  • Understand that you are integral in creating delightful customer experience.

  • Understand that you can only give what they have: when you adopt an attitude of positivity, it will radiate towards the customer.

  • Discover the unique personalities will enable you to deal with others more effectively.

  • Measure their emotional intelligence/ emotional quotient and empathy levels for adaptability and personal growth.

  • Understand the importance of communicating, not just with words, but also with their vocal qualities, body language, personal branding.

  • Learn the difference between a regular task and value-added service.

  • Enhance overall customer experience that will lead to generating and sustaining goodwill.


"Constructing a positive experience - everything shall start from within yourself, be it internal or external. In customer service, we should empathize & listen well!"


Lorina Reyzcel Veloso

Sales & Operation Manager

Vogue Concepts Inc.

"This was my first customer service training and I must say that I am impressed. I gained insights that I can apply not only in my career but also in my personal life. Kudos!"


Arnel M. Arevalo

Associate Consultant

Punongbayan & Araullo

"Thank you for conducting this kind of seminar to help improve customer service skills of your clients. I will apply the learnings acquired in the seminar most especially the practical tips in value-added customer service."


Morrena Panti

HR Specialist, Employee Services

Nestle Philippines, Inc.

Who Should Attend

This program is recommended for professionals in the frontlines of the business such as sales officers, senior and junior managers and/or supervisors, government employees, entrepreneurs, business owners, employees identified for future promotion, and more.

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