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Salt & Light Ventures, Inc. was founded in May 2001 by the husband and wife team of Ardy Roberto and Tingting Roberto.

The name of the company is it’s mission — to help leaders be salt of the earth and a light to the business world through its BEST Programs™.

Training Provider Makati Philippines

Salt & Light Ventures preserves best practices and lights the path for excellence and continues growth.

We provide premium, values-based development resources to companies across all industries.

We help bring out the best in their people and enable them to achieve breakthroughs at work and in life.


We will become a knowledge center that empowers the workforce to live intentionally and purposefully, initiating change in the corporate landscape.

Training Provider Makati Philippines
Training Provider Makati Philippines

EXCELLENCE. Our work is a reflection of our love for God. We relentlessly give our best in our work, knowing its outcome will bring out the best in others.

WHOLE PERSON DEVELOPMENT. We design values-based services that restore the dignity of the working person, equipping him towards growth, development, and excellence as a worker, leader and as a whole person.

STRATEGIC INTENT. We give no room for complacency. Everything we do is directed towards fulfilling our mission.

RELEVANCE. We respond to the needs and demands of the workplace by providing resources that will significantly address these gaps. When we communicate, it resonates and engages our public, stirring their desire to become better.

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