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Tap Acumen Brand Strategy Consultant's leading-edge brand-building experience and wide-ranging consulting and training projects across multiple industries, business sizes, marketing budgets and brand development.

We also offer marketing training development in guerrilla marketing and brand building essentials for professionals with no formal training and background in marketing.


Brand Boot Camp Workshop Series

This is a series of sessions designed to provide training for specific marketing competencies and fundamental brand building frameworks. The training is delivered by Acumen Brand Strategy Consultants - a group of high-caliber marketing professionals from blue-chip companies with 10 years of experience building customized training workshops for brands in Philippines and Asia. The workshop series features three different workshop clusters, each with industry-specific case studies and examples.

Marketing for Non-Marketers

Developed especially for professionals assigned to marketing roles but do not have marketing backgrounds. Participants will be guided in making marketing decisions, implementing and ensuring the success of their marketing plans as well as accounting and measuring results.

Consumer Goods

This cluster has the following sessions: Consumer Understanding & Insight Generation, Market Segmentation & Targeting, Concept & Creative Brief Development, Creating Inspired Advertising, Marketing Analysis & Planning, and Business & Brand Reviews for Senior Management.

Consumer Services

This cluster includes Brand Differentiation and Positioning, Brand Effectiveness Measurement, Market Research Planning and Development, Integrated Marketing Communications, Market Segmentation & Targeting, and Creating Inspired Advertising.

Small & Medium Enterprises

Owners and managers of SMEs will be immersed in the following sessions: Mapping Out Your Market - Market Scoping & Growth Management, Choosing Your Customers - Market Segmentation & Targeting, and Standing Out & Leading - Brand Differentiation & Positioning.

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