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TBA | 1:00PM to 5:00PM

Bounce Back Rate

PHP 2,999.00

Course Duration

4-hour session


About the course

Resilience is the ability to bounce back during difficult situations. Easier said than done! What makes this difficult? Most of the time we let our environment control us. We don’t realize that we have the power to control our reactions to different situations.

The program teaches how to use adaptive resilience to navigate through challenging situations. It focuses on connecting with ourselves and discovering that we have the tools to use to overcome anything we face. The session gives the participants an anchor to keep them steady when the sea is rough.

When we are able to be more attuned with ourselves, we are ready to help others. The participants will learn how to connect with the needs of others and give them support. They will learn how to handle difficult conversations, understand emotions, needs and beliefs of others. Through these concepts, the participants will realize that they are not different from everyone else and at our core we are the same. This section will highlight that we are not alone and we are part of one team.

Learning Outline


  • Health, Tenacity, Collaboration. Measure resilience through six domains: Vision, Composure, Reasoning, 

  • Using personal values with your role at work.

  • Using your personal purpose and strengths to create impact.



  • Identifying and managing triggers, thoughts, difficult emotions.

  • Using cognitive tools to build critical thinking and decision making.

  • Utilizing internal resources for problem-solving.



  • Listening with empathy using the coaching language.

  • Communicating based on the needs of others.

  • Utilizing your strengths to help and collaborate with others.

  • Designing your personal resilience plan.

Your Facilitator


Andrea or Anda has her own business Coach Anda which focuses on developing leaders through one-on-one executive coaching. She compliments coaching with workshops for leaders and teams. The themes of her workshops focus on self-leadership, coaching skills for leaders, building team strengths, resilience and communication.

She takes senior leaders to the next level of success by uncovering their blind spots and focusing on team strategies which lead to high engagement and productivity. Like a Rubik’s cube, she has the ability to notice patterns, see how pieces fit, and find the right combination to unlock what leaders and teams need to get them to the next level. She started her business since 2010. She is one of
the few Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialed coaches in the country. PCC is the 2nd highest distinction given by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

She is certified with US based courses with Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coach course, Gallup (Gallup Coach Certification, High Performing Team Leader, Clifton Strengths Discovery Course), Johnson and Johnson Human Performance Institute’s Corporate Athlete course, Group Coaching Essentials. Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach course, The Academies
Certified Career Coach course and Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coach course.

She has also taken specialized courses on Mindfulness (Mindfulness for Leaders Finding the Space to Lead and Center for Center for Mindful Self-Compassion Mindful Self Compassion program), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (Beck Institute’s CBT and Anxiety course) and Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman’s Relationship Skills course).

She has coached senior leaders from various industries such as Consumer Goods (L’Oreal), shipping (Philippine Transmarine Carriers), Banking (HSBC, East West, BDO), Real-Estate (Rockwell Land, Ayala Land, Ayala Corporation), Telecommunications (Globe Telecom), Hotels (Discovery Leisure Group), IT Consulting (Delaware, Data Spark), Business Consulting (PwC), Food (E&L
Food Imports), Manufacturing (Japan Tobacco), Insurance (Pioneer Insurance, Sunlife), Remittance (Western Union), Architecture (Busensalido + Architects), Law (ACUBE Law Jose Antonio Aliling and Associates) and Production (Kerplunk Studios and Productions, Inc).

She was a columnist with Entrepreneur where she answered questions sent by the readers on Business and Leadership. She was also asked as an expert to give advice for Entrepreneur, Money Sense and F&B World.

She co-founded Intentional Women Coaches (IWC) and The Learning Team. IWC focuses on empowering women through one-on-one coaching and workshops. The Learning Team helps entrepreneurs achieve specific business goals through group think and group coaching.

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