TBA | 1:00PM to 5:00PM

Bounce Back Rate

PHP 2,999.00

Course Duration

4-hour session


About the course

Resilience is the ability to bounce back during difficult situations. Easier said than done! What makes this difficult? Most of the time we let our environment control us. We don’t realize that we have the power to control our reactions to different situations.

The program teaches how to use adaptive resilience to navigate through challenging situations. It focuses on connecting with ourselves and discovering that we have the tools to use to overcome anything we face. The session gives the participants an anchor to keep them steady when the sea is rough.

When we are able to be more attuned with ourselves, we are ready to help others. The participants will learn how to connect with the needs of others and give them support. They will learn how to handle difficult conversations, understand emotions, needs and beliefs of others. Through these concepts, the participants will realize that they are not different from everyone else and at our core we are the same. This section will highlight that we are not alone and we are part of one team.