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Successful project management today entails careful planning, on time execution and strict monitoring, and evaluation. With our development programs, we will help you acquire practical understanding of and proven tools to master the ins and out of project management.

Due to the evolving nature of business, it is imperative to instill a 'project manager mindset' to cope with the increased demand of work and handle daily projects or tasks whether you are manager, secretary to the boss, or even just a support staff.


Everyday Workload Management

This program aims to teach participants how to cope with the increasing demands of the workplace through deepening their understanding of their work goals, clarifying success factors at work, and transforming common views and myths about time and productivity. Practical tips and tricks on how to work smart, beat the time bandits and avoid workplace distractions will also be discussed.

Strategic Planning for Success

Participants will define their organization’s direction and make the necessary decisions to allocate resources that are essential for an organization’s success. They will learn how to draw out a successful roadmap to grow your business with this workshop on the basics of business strategy planning.

Territory Planning and Management

Obtain thorough coverage of your market through segmentation and targeting techniques. Know how to better match your salespeople to your customer’s needs and the requirements of your assigned territory. Create a territory design that takes into account your client profile and your planned efforts in covering your area.

Project Management: Applied and Simplified

This course welcomes participants to apply essential project management principles and tools to their everyday work, thus increasing productivity while also preparing them for the project-based work cycle of the future.

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