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Human Resource and Organizational Development

Facilitates staff and organizational development with our HR and OD programs. Our expertise in HR and OD ensures team and individual development to drive entire organization forward and boost performance across the corporate ladder.


Building Adaptive Organizations

Designed to equip leaders and managers in building an adaptive work environment, the program draws from the works of Heifetz and Linsky on Adaptive Leadership, combined with an OD and systems approach to change which aims to equip managers and leaders with new paradigms on organizations.

Change Management Workshop

This program equip leaders and managers with tools, techniques, and knowledge on how to cope with changes in the organization. Participant will discover basic concepts and principles of managing organizational change, find out how to develop a “Change Intervention Plan” for the organization, and learn organizational methodologies and techniques to promote proactive planning change.

Creating High Trust Organizations

This seminar is about understanding the alignment and integrity of the total system. These key dimensions need to be examined, monitored, and adjusted in order to build the foundations of trust, rather than just building an image or brand.

HR Strategic Planning Made Easy

A company’s greatest asset is its people. Help your organization achieve its vision by creating a roadmap that will guide your employees to the right path and will allow them to make the necessary decisions for an organization’s success.

Solving the People Puzzle for Human Resources

In this program, participants will experience many moments when puzzling situations in their lives suddenly 'click' into place. It's just like a piece of the puzzle fits. Participants will discover insights about themselves and what motivates them to do the things they do. By better understanding themselves, they'll be able to see how they fit into their own "people puzzle" and the "people puzzle" of everyone else in their lives.

Strategic Planning in Action Workshop

Unlike long-term planning that begins with an organization’s current status and lays down a roadmap to the future, strategic planning starts with the end in mind. This workshop will lead you to envision a desired future for your organization, and translate this into goals and objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them

Strategic Planning for Success

Participants will define their organization’s direction and make the necessary decisions to allocate resources that are essential for an organization’s success. They will learn how to draw out a successful roadmap to grow your business with this workshop on the basics of business strategy planning.

Strategic Thinking and Visioning Workshop

Clarify and define the organization's vision, mission, and values. Learn how to conduct an internal and external scan of your organization, translate the vision-mission into long-term goals, and develop group or department objectives, KRAs, and KPIs using the balanced score card model.

The 9 Pillars of High Performing Organizations

The program, 9 Pillars of High Performing Organizations, is consistent with recent worldwide research practicies of high performing organizations as well as the Investor in People Generation 6 Standard. Know how you can build strong foundations where the management can create inspiring work environment to encourage people to be their best.

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