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Productivity in the New Normal: Effective Workload Management

September 21-22, 2021 | 1:00PM to 5:00PM

Bounce Back Rate


Course Duration

Two 4-hour session


About the course

Time management has always been an elusive skill to master. Our to-do lists are never fully ticked off and tend to multiply by midday, we eat rushed meals at our worktables, we jump from one meeting to the other, write endless reports, please countless clients, ward off (or sometimes give in) to dozens of distractions.
At the end of the day, we are left exhausted physically, mentally, end emotionally. Then we repeat everything the next day. Managing our time and productivity has become even more challenging with the current Covid crisis and the transition to the new normal – from working from home to managing our family’s new activities and routines (hello online schooling!).

Learning Outcome

In this course, we will take a breather, step back, and pause. We will take the time to re-assess our priorities, re-adjust our mindsets and routines, and establish personal practices to ensure that what matters most to us gets done well – on a daily basis. We will learn tools and techniques that will help us organize our work, work smarter, maximize our time and energy, and boost our productivity to get more things done in our work and personal lives.

Learning Outline

Day 1
I. Time Management Fundamentals
     a. How Well Do I Manage My Time?
     b. Time Management Myths
     c. Is there such a thing as Time Management?


II. Setting Your Priorities
     a. Work From Home Challenges
     b. Goal Setting and Goal Clarity
     c. Aligning with Your Boss


III. Prioritization Tools
    a. Eisenhower’s Time Box Model
    b. A-B-C-D-E
    c. Action Priority Matrix


IV. Action Planning & Synthesis

Day 2

I. Effective Scheduling

II. Reducing Your Workload
     a. Effective Delegation 
     b. Meeting Management
     c. KEY
     d. Learning To Say No
      e. Handling Interruptions & Minimizing Distractions


III. Working Smarter in the New Normal

IV. Avoiding Stress and Burnout

V. Action Planning & Synthesis

Your Facilitator


She is a driven Human Resources and Organizational Development leader with 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry. She was formerly the Assistant Vice President for Learning & Development in Unilab where she was able to prove her ability to work with senior management teams in integrating HR functions and Orgaizational Development interventions within the business. Prior to that she worked for Johnson & Johnson Philippines as an HR Associate in the areas of recruitment, compensation, and employee relations.

She is skilled in different areas of organizational development, particularly workplace learning, performance and competency management, leadership development and career development. She has customized and facilitated countless training programs, teambuilding sessions, and visioning and values-formation workshops. She is a certified facilitator for Center for Leadership and Change, Inc. (CLCI) and Development Dimensions International (DDI).

She is currently a part-time instructor at the University of Asia & the Pacific, teaching courses in training and performance management systems under the Human Capital Development program.
Being a wife and a mom to four very young children, she has begun applying corporate concepts of visioning, talent development, situational leadership and time management to the most challenging organization she's worked for - her home.

Pia graduated with a degree in BS Psychology from the Ateneo de Manila University and an MA degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, New York.

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