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People management skills is an important competency to ensure improved overall performance and business success. Through our people management development program, you will be trained in people handling skills such as influencing strategies, employee profiling, business protocol, etiquette for customer service, and performance management.


Developing Excellent Supervisors

This training focuses on the role of the supervisor and the different functions one needs to take on to establish leadership among subordinates. It also balances the supervisor’s role of ensuring task performance with influencing and motivating the team.

Influencing Skills and Strategies Workshop

Participants will be able to recognize their own influencing style and of others, develop an influencing strategy, use influencing strategies to inspire and persuade others, apply these strategies in the workplace, and use the right influencing style in a particular situation.

People & Performance Management

This workshop aims to guide team leaders and those with the line management responsibilities to discover the skills and develop the confidence needed in building highly effective teams. It also features tools leaders can utilize to manage and measure their team’s performance, such as the Balanced Scorecard Model.

Solving the People Puzzle

In this program, participants will experience many moments when puzzling situations in their lives suddenly 'click' into place. It's just like a piece of the puzzle fits. Participants will discover insights about themselves and what motivates them to do the things they do. By better understanding themselves, they'll be able to see how they fit into their own "people puzzle" and the "people puzzle" of everyone else in their lives.

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