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Foster stronger bonds within your team through our fun-packed SYNERGY team building program.


We offer a structured learning activity that can be customized according to objectives of the client and needs of participants. Be it a group play, a simple game or several teams in the middle of mind challenging activities, our purpose is to help strengthen trust and reinforce the company's purpose to every participant. 


KA-ISA Team Building

Ka-Isa is a fully customizable team building program aimed at creating shared positive experiences that teams need to perform at their best. Adjustable to both indoor and outdoor settings, small and big group sizes, and physical or less physical activities. Ka-Isa utilizes its signature 'Inspiration-Perspiration-Application' design and positive processing methodology to achieve client's objectives. Whether for relationship-building, or aligning for performance, or kicking off a new year, every team should have at least ONE KA-ISA TEAMBUILDING experience in its lifetime.

Synergy Team Building

Our Salt & Light Ventures trainers are equipped to facilitate your team building or synergy session, whether for the whole organization or teams, from a small number to a hundred. We create and customize our team building programs and activities to match your objectives and needs. At the end of each activity, our facilitators guide the participants in processing what they accomplished to ensure that they take away with them valuable learning which they can apply when they go back to the workplace.

The YOUnique Team

Get the chance to know who you are as an individual, know who your teammates are, and together build a winning team.

Understanding Others by Understanding You
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