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Customer Service in the New Normal

September 7, 2021 | 1:00PM to 5:00PM

Bounce BackRate

PHP 2,999.00

Course Duration

4-hour session

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About the course

(Everybody is into customer service and everyone is a customer!)

Whether you’re in the service industry or not, customer service is essential to success. When we say success, we look at how we can be successful in BOTH the personal and professional arenas.

Learning Outline

I.  Choose & Stick to a Customer Service Mindset
    Customer service is a concept that should not be confined to the service industry. The concepts apply in        whatever field you are in. What are the benefits of living a customer service centered life?

II. Construct A Positive Experience

    The difference between you and the other guy (or the other company!) is the “experience” that people will      glean from interacting with you. That experience will either build you up or tear you down.

III. Channel Your Leadership Skills

    We all need to lead through personal mastery and leverage our area of giftedness. This is done through          much reflection and intentional development.

IV. Communicate Effectively

    Human beings use several ways to communicate – most of these channels are ineffective and impersonal.      In a world where people constantly “communicate”, connection is often left out yet it is the most vital                objective.

V. Customize Your Approach

    Adjusting to different personalities and addressing their concerns are keys to delivering appropriate                service.

VI. Create Value & Complement Your Customer

    Adding value will spell the difference between losing and retaining your customer (i.e. your co-workers’            goodwill, your partner’s loyalty, etc.).

Your Facilitator


John Maxwell Leadership Expert & Gallup Certified Strengths Coach


Mondo Castro has 20 years of experience in media, training, and corporate management. He is a member of the John Maxwell Team and a Gallup Certified Strenghts Coach.

He is a Business & Management Consultant for a US based company VirtuallyinCredible, a division of Home Property Management. Mondo was an ePLDTVentus’ English Communication Supervisor, handling seven call centers tasked to improve HR’s hiring process, outbound sales, customer service, the e-mail customer service department, and several other business projects. He was formerly a disc jockey for NU-107, 103.5 MAX FM, and 103.5 K-LITE, a TV host for Probe Production’s Gameplan, AutoExtreme, and Channel V’s Popkorn.

He served as a writer for Manila Standard Today for more than 13 years under the music column “The Danger Room.” His band THE PIN-UP GIRLS was signed to a US indie label and was featured in a UK compilation CD and has with US Christian label HolyZone Records.

He is also an entrepreneur as he co-owns Stacy’s restaurant located in Greenstreet Quezon City and in BGC, with his wife Angelique & friends.

Mondo Castro has Masters in Business Administration degrees from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business and the Regis University in Colorado.

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