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Sales workshop that offers the basic essentials of selling but with value added features are hard to find. Our training programs will educate participants on the disciplines needed to a successful selling career - from the basic know-how of selling to advance client relationship management. 

Our sales programs offer varied development in acquisition, negotiation, account management and relationship building.

Creative Negotiation Strategies and Techniques

This hands-on interactive seminar will first highlight your own thinking processes and then give you a tool – Buzan’s Mind Mapping – to sharpen your thinking skills. You will also be equipped with neuro-linguistic programming, a subtle but highly lethal approach to communication which will help you influence others, leading to a win-win outcome.

High Impact Presentation Skills

This workshop is perfect for all those involved in selling, facilitating, training, and communicating, and for leaders who want to improve their interactions and personal charisma. Through this workshop, you will learn how to plan, prepare, structure, and deliver your presentation that will spur positive action.

Territory Planning and Management

Obtain thorough coverage of your market through segmentation and targeting techniques. Know how to better match your salespeople to your customer’s needs and the requirements of your assigned territory. Create a territory design that takes into account your client profile and your planned efforts in covering your area.

Sales Coaching and Management

The workshop combines the ideals of being a coach to people in sales. Targeted especially for senior executives, managers, and sales leaders, it helps them become trainers to their sales people and gives them powerful insights into making coaching a way of life, and not simply part of their skill set.

Sales Excellence 1.0

Mastering Basic Essentials in Selling

This course is a comprehensive training for salespeople who are both beginners and with intermediate knowledge and experience in selling. It will educate participants on the disciplines needed to a successful selling career by allowing to learn a standard selling process that can be immediately applied. It will also enhance the know-how of experienced sales people in adult-learning environment through workshops and role play.

Sales Excellence 2.0

Selling to Various Buying Personalities

Selling is about building relationships. It is a matching process between you and the client. They key is understanding how to deal with each unique client by knowing the four personality types. The YOUnique personalities affect the way you sell and affect the buying decisions of your clients. Discover your primary personality and those of your prospects and learn how to adjust your sales approach.

Other Programs:

  • Core Selling Skills
  • From Selling to Managing
  • Permission Based Selling
  • Solution Selling for Sales Performance Improvement
  • Solution Selling Series
  • Subtle Selling Strategies and Skills Workshop
  • The Art and Science of Account Management
  • Delivering Customer Value Through 21st Century Selling
  • Selling for Success
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