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Everyday Workload Management

February 19, 2020 | 9 AM to 5 PM | Joy~Nostalg Hotel & Suites Ortigas Manila

Program Description

"I am able to tick off ALL things on my to-do list everyday with time to spare!" -- said no one ever! 
Welcome to the workplace of the modern millennium!  In our world today where there are business targets to meet, customers to handle, deadlines to beat, projects coming in one after another, and endless reports and administrative work, we often find ourselves trying to make it all fit in our day.  Add to that, we face the minute-by-minute beeps, pings, and bleeps from our instant messages, emails, and social media alerts.  We scramble to cross off as much items on our to-do list and strive to simply survive the day... everyday!
This program aims to teach participants how to cope with the increasing demands of the workplace through deepening their understanding of their work goals, clarifying success factors at work, and transforming common views and myths about time and productivity.  Practical tips and tricks on how to work smart, beat the time bandits and avoid workplace distractions will also be discussed.  Participants will learn to be more in control of their time and workload.  The participants will also realize how balancing a busy workload with personal goals and projects is possible and can even enhance work productivity and contribute to more fulfillment.

Learning Benefits

This highly interactive workshop aims to enable participants to:

  • Organize workload through effective time and task planning, clustering and prioritization.

  • Increase productivity by focusing on high-impact activities and reducing low-impact interruptions, disruptions and time-wasters.

  • Maximize time and energy by clarifying work requirements better, improving delegation and scheduling skills, and replacing quick-fix stress management practices with sustainable recovery practices.

  • Work smart through practical techniques that will enable them to reduce time and energy needed in getting things done.

  • Achieve more in work and life by applying a realistic process that links goal-setting with DAILY DISCIPLINE of getting things done - at work and at home.

Your Facilitator

Pia Reyes-Cruz is a driven Human Resources and Organizational Development leader with 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry. She was formerly the Assistant Vice President for Learning & Development in Unilab where she was able to prove her ability to work with senior management teams in integrating HR functions and Orgaizational Development interventions within the business. Prior to that she worked for Johnson & Johnson Philippines as an HR Associate in the areas of recruitment, compensation, and employee relations.


She is skilled in different areas of organizational development, particularly workplace learning, performance and competency management, leadership development and career development. She has customized and facilitated countless training programs, teambuilding sessions, and visioning and values-formation workshops. She is a certified facilitator for Center for Leadership and Change, Inc. (CLCI) and Development Dimensions International (DDI).


She is currently a part-time instructor at the University of Asia & the Pacific, teaching courses in training and performance management systems under the Human Capital Development program.


Being a wife and a mom to four very young children, she has begun applying corporate concepts of visioning, talent development, situational leadership and time management to the most challenging organization she's worked for - her home.


Pia graduated with a degree in BS Psychology from the Ateneo de Manila University and an MA degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, New York.

Course Outline

I. Your Most Productive Day

  • What is a productive day like for you?

  • Busy vs. Productive: A Time Management self-assessment

II. REDUCING Your Workload

  • What will make an impact?

  • Clarifying your goals

  • Setting your critical success factors

  • Productivity Myths and how to overcome them

  • The Myth of Multitasking

  • The Myth of Perfection

  • The Myth of Inspiration and Preparation

  • Productivity under Pressure and Procrastination

  • Delegation

III. TRANSFORMING Your Workload and Work Style

  • Self-awareness: Your Mood and Attitude

  • Maximizing Your Peak Times

  • Integrating Information: Overcoming Information Overload

  • Productive Systems: Setting up a system that works for you

  • Work-Life Hacks to Boost Productivity

IV. Balancing Your Day

  • Eisenhower's Time Box Model

  • Urgent vs. Important

  • Law of Forced Efficiency

  • Making Your Calendar Work for you

  • Aligning prioritiesx

  • Effective scheduling techniques

  • Locking In Your Personal Goals

  • Dealing with Stress and Burnout

V. Workshop Synthesis and Action Planning

  • Commitment  Building

  • Action Planning

Who Should Attend

This program is highly recommended for employees in staff, supervisory, and managerial roles; entrepreneurs and business owners; as well as college students who aim to boost their productivity and personal effectiveness in dealing with everyday workload.


"I have attended other seminar similar to this but this is more workable. Thank you for the new learnings! God bless." 

Mercedes A. Guanco, Ad Cost Control Assistant Manager, Universal Robina Corporation

"I need to stop my Q4 and start prioritizing. Also, as a result of this learning event, I have to minimize meetings. The time box model was one of the most helpful topic in this workshop."

Angela Soriano, Director of Sales,
Dusit Thani Manila

"I learned the basics of managing workload! I would have like the 'saying no' session to be different, I believe instead to find a better way of dealing tasks. I hope to manage my workload and put a system in place."

Guillermo Calderon, Banquet Service Manager,
Dusit Thani Manila

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