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How to Use LinkedIn for Your Job Search

Are you job hunting or looking for an alternative job? I strongly advise that you maximize LinkedIn for your job search or even for simply managing your career to take you where you want to be. It has worked for me: LinkedIn has been quite instrumental in my own shift from marketing to organizational development.

Using advanced optimization tools and keywords, you can position your profile to attract the attention of HR, recruiting or hiring managers, and even headhunters within your target industry. This can help you expand your professional network either on a local, regional, or global scope with professionals in the same industry, industry thought leaders in the field, and target companies.

LinkedIn optimization service can also help your LinkedIn profile to appear as a top search result when hiring managers Google your name and perform research on you, your background, and qualifications. Their optimization service can also help accelerate the application process on the LinkedIn job board.

The LinkedIn Job Board is probably one of the best sources for job postings. I recommend it because: (1) you can set up your job preferences and directly receive recommendations for jobs that match your expertise, experience, and career campaign objectives; (2) you can directly send your profile and resumé to the hiring manager’s email address and/or LinkedIn profile inboxes; and (3) you can try the “premium” option – which includes valuable features including direct messaging to recruiters, online video courses, and applicant insights to see how you compare to other candidates – free for one month. Also, there is