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Virtual Audience Engagement Game Plan: Effective Online Presentation Skills

Virtual Audience Engagement Game Plan: Effective Online Presentation Skills

₱4,500.00 Regular Price
₱2,999.00Sale Price

This 3-hour webinar will guide managers and supervisors through hacks of effectively engaging their remote audience when giving virtual presentations – from team huddles to crucial conference calls. With the current COVID-19 pandemic and with remote working becoming a new normal practice, doing virtual presentations is increasingly becoming part of one’s professional life. Virtual presentations bring a lot of challenges which is more than what one usually has to endure during face-to-face presentations – noisy background environment, a barrage of distractions ranging from doing other work, sending an email to doing online shopping; online fatigue and absence of non-verbal cues. With all these challenges, what must one do to effectively engage one’s virtual audience?

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    P2,999 | Four-hour session


    4-hour session


    I. Communication basics: learning the foundation for any speaking success
    II. Facing the presentation enemy in the virtual world: unlimited distractions
              a. Face-off: decoding offline vs online presentations
              b. Understanding and overcoming presentation challenges in the virtual world
    IV. Gearing for virtual battle: preparing for effective online presentations
              a. Mastering the 3Vs of communication: visual, voice and verbal
              b. Mastering technology
    V. Winning while in the virtual battle front: making online presentations an engaging experience for your audience
              a. Mastering one’s self, scene and slides
              b. Managing the online environment
              c. Mastering time management
    VI. Advancing to the next game plan: preparing for your actual virtual presentations

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