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Virtual Selling Vitals: Essential Skills to Remote Selling

9:00AM to 12:00PM

Course Price

PHP 1,999

Course Price

3-hour session


About the course

Are your salespeople prepared for the unique challenges of virtual selling?
By this month, after effects of the current pandemic, at least 70 percent of sales calls will be virtual and the number will continue to skyrocket. Great web conferencing platforms are within everyone’s reach, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that technology is all you need.

Attention and engagement are hard enough to get in a face-to-face meeting. It’s even harder over the web, when you’re a thumbnail image on a conferencing app. With limited attention, comes less engagement. Closing complex, high-value deals require you to influence decision-making part of your buyer’s brain. Getting maximum engagement is a minimum requirement to using buyer psychology to influence big-ticket deals.

Purposeful Selling When You Can’t Be Seen

Breakthrough Virtual Selling Vitals is a proprietary consultative sales training program that leverages best practice sales and account management skills plus individualized coaching to build strategic and purposeful inside sales and account support teams.

Virtual Selling Vitals leverages key principles of our BEST (Becoming Excellent in Sales Training) program which has provided a proven training discipline to hundreds of companies all over the country. The main goal of Virtual Selling Vitals is to train inside sales teams who do not have the ability to engage face-to-face with prospects to build rapport while training them to uncover customer needs and close new business remotely.

Learning Outline

Essential Skills to Effectively Prospect and Close Business


In one or two day workshops, Virtual Selling Vitals addresses:

  • Brand Ambassador Concept – remotely conveying the company brand

  • Essential Verbal Skills – the importance of vocal tone, pace, word choice

  • Customer Personalities – understanding four personality types found in business. Understanding the Filipino client system of thinking, believing, feeling and acting.

  • Strategic and Breakthrough Questions – techniques to uncover customer needs

  • Influencing Skills - Three Filipino Standard of Negotiation: (1) Relationship Imperatives (2) Emotional Imperatives (3) Moral Imperatives

  • Communication Tips – leveraging email + voice mail sales communication

Your Facilitator


• Certified Sales Professional® (Sales and Marketing Institute International, Australia)
• Certified Marketing Professional® (Sales and Marketing Institute International, Australia)
• Certified Digital Marketer® (Internet Marketing & Mobile Association of the Philippines and Ateneo De Manila University)

A firm believer in communicating, marketing and rallying people to what is worthy of our time, valuing and investment, Boris blends research and consumer experience to engage people’s passions in the development, implementation and evaluation of purpose-driven marketing and sales programs.

Gifted with a unique blend of a penchant for communication, a strategic and creative mind, a valuing for relationships, networking ease and natural leadership, Boris puts his skills to meaningful use. Being involved in various industries (advertising, consumer goods, printing/publishing, fragrances, NGO, digital marketing, telecommunications, BPO and business solutions) and business sizes, from multinationals to locally owned enterprises for more than two decades now, Boris is seasoned management and marketing professional.

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