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2nd Lead Like Jesus In The Workplace

A Servant Leadership Journey

April 4, 2019 | 9 AM to 5 PM | Joy~Nostalg Hotel & Suites Manila, Ortigas Center

Course Outline


  • Spheres of Influence

  • Questions to Consider

  • A New Dimension of Leadership

  • The Four Domains of Servant Leadership


Session 1: The Heart

  • What kind of Leader are You?

  • E.G.O.1A Contrast in lnfluence

  • A Time to ReflectEGO's

  • Anonymous 12-Step Process E.G.O.2

  • A Commitment for My Heart


Session 2: The Head

  • Servant Leadership Principles

  • Four-Part Vision

  • Two parts of leadership

  • Personal Mission Statement

  • My Personal Values

  • Top Values

  • Picture of the Future

  • Seasons of Leadership

  • Leadership Assessment

  • A Commitment for My HEAD

Session 3: .The Hands

  • The Way of the Carpenter

  • The EGO Factor in Leader-Follower Relationships

  • The Challenge of a Leader

  • Case Study

  • A Commitment for My HANDS


Session 4: The Habits

  • Doing Habits

  • Forgiveness

  • Encouragement

  • Community 

  • Listening Exercise

  • Adjustments and Goal Setting


Leadership Challenge and Commitment

  • The Abraham Lincoln Case

  • Commitment to Servant Leadership

Your Faciliator

Boris Joaquin is one of the country's top-ranked public speaker and trainer for leadership programs and other soft skills. He is a seasoned management and marketing professional, bring involved in various industries (advertising, fragrances, goods, printing/publishing, telecommunications, BPO and business solutions) both from multinationals to locally owned enterprises for more than two decades now.

Presently, he is the President and Chief Equipping Officer of Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy (the company behind Salt & Light Ventures). He is also the Master Trainer and Country Representative of the Lead Like Jesus Training Program (a program designed by Ken Blanchard) and the founder of Project Purpose Philippines.

Boris also serves as a member of the Board of Trustee for Family First Philippines, and The Bible League Philippines. Because of his practice of his leadership gifts through these humanitarian involvements, the University of Santo Tomas bestowed upon him the distinguished Manuel L. Quezon Leadership Award for two consecutive years.


He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the People Manager Magazine, the official publication of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), and contributes regularly to the career/ lifestyle section of He is the author of the best selling book, Practical Wisdom to be Happy at Work and used to write a regular column for and Inquirer Libre.

He is married to Michelle Joaquin and has two daughters.



Renz Mansujeto is currently finishing his Bachelor of Arts in FEBIAS College. He is currently serving at GCF North as growth group coordinator, he is working alongside Boris in starting new growth groups and as national coordinator for Lead Like Jesus Philippines. 


Boris and Renz started their mentoring relationship anchored on this program, particularly on the life purpose. They have been actively giving talks together and are currently producing short mentoring videos published every week. Together with their family and friends, they started Project Purpose, an advocacy towards challenging this generation to discover their purpose and fulfill their promise to a watching world.


The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) released a series of mentoring webinars with them on Project Purpose and Inquirer Academy will run their workshop series this June.


"This workshop encouraged me to be more prayerful & worry lesser; encourage more & thank God for all his blessings. Kudos for organizing the seminar in a very systematic way, everything's perfect esp. the materials & your communication method was superb!"


Maria Theresa Gabrillo,

Assistant Financial Controller,

Dusit Thani Manila

"Great job! Looking forward to attend your other seminars or have LLJ in our church. I want to teach/share it to my immediate leadership team members. The discussions - sharing of experiences, thoughts, ideas were the most valuable learning for me."

Gerarda Peñaranda,

Youth Pastor,

Faith Evangelical Church of the Philippines, Inc.

Program Description

This workshop is actually a transformational encounter that aims to develop a leader holistically according to the pattern of the servant leadership model; an eye-opening seminar that redefines leadership to the standard that many servant leaders in the past have established.


Transformation begin from within a leader's character (Heart), and is carried out through the leader's assumptions, beliefs and methods (Head), to a leader's behavior (Hands), and ends in a leader's daily commitment to the mission and his set of important values (Habits). This workshop also aims to provide a game plan on how a self-serving leader can become a servant-leader.


All too frequently, unsuccessful organizations are over-managed and under-led. A successful organization doesn't just need someone to be in-charge. Success requires leadership -- people to set direction for the organization, give it a vision, and then translate the vision into reality.


Servant Leadership must be present in every successful undertaking. The approach has been widely used in all types of organizations: for-profit businesses, not-for-profit organizations, churches, universities and foundations.


A servant leader embraces people-building and development, not people protection -- giving care and support while upholding the company's expectations of employee performance.


During this experience, we will focus on your supervisors. We will not merely focus on adjusting a few of their leadership habits. We will not present them with another leadership process. We will deliver to them the best and most powerful leader model that focuses on four critical areas.

"Knowing how Jesus lead and served were very helpful in changing I do and view my work. As a result, I am going to serve others & God with love & in love. Keep up the good work!"


Astrud Chrysalis Danielle Annie D. De Castro,

Training Specialist, United Neon Advertising, Inc.

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