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Leading Without the Title

A Seminar for Administrators, Assistants and Secretaries

March 27, 2020 | 9 AM to 5 PM | Joy~Nostalg Hotel & Suites Ortigas Manila

Program Description

The role of executive secretaries and administrators has evolved over the years. Today, their leadership responsibilities have found greater appreciation - being in supportive partnership with their corporate executives, assuming office management in the absence of their boss, and even contributing to the bottom line. To carry out their role well, they need to develop such leadership qualities and mindset such as confidence, professionalism, foresight, influence, and good judgment, among others.

Learning Benefits

  • Compliment their excellent qualities by applying servant leadership principles and skills in their profession.

  • Discover their influential role and value and how it will directly benefit them, their bosses, and their organization.

  • Understand the EGO Diagram (problems with pride and fear) and how it is affecting their work and relationships.

  • Learn the skills of having FORESIGHT in their work and being PROACTIVE.

  • Learn to be values-driven and recalibrate commitment on those values on a daily basis.

8 Session Modules

I. Introduction

II. Burdens and Blessings

Standard Job Expectations

10 Competencies from Bosses

III. Your Position of Influence

Definitions of Influence and Leadership

The Leadership Model

Values of Relationships

IV. EGO in Leadership

The Heart of a Leadership

Servant Leadership

V. Leading Yourself

Effective Personal Management

Time Management

VI. Proactive Mindset

Key Behaviours

Foresight Tools

Circle of Life

VII. The Responsibilities of Your Leadership Role

Leadership Tips



Two Roles of a Leader

VIII. Recalibration and Closing

Your Facilitator

Daisy Callanta is a seasoned HR executive with more than 20 years of experiences and proven track record in the mastery of HR functions and strategies. Her qualifications are well complemented by a strong background in labor relations. She is adept at case management and winning labor-related cases through experience-honed skills in administrative and alternative dispute resolutions. She is tenacious in forging strong relationships with business partners through transparent and effective internal, external and public relations. Her personal advocacy is to provide awareness on autism, especially those affecting children in the Philippines. She is the founder and president of Haven for the Uniquely Gifted and Special (HUGS) Ministries.


"The most valuable aspect of the learning event was the "Ego" session. I gained some realizations for a better "me". As a result of this, I am going to be the best employee of our group. It was a nice, lively training. Congratulations!"

Aivee Girlie Gaza

Administrative Services Officer V, Development Bank of the Philippines

"The Pride and Fear session was really valuable for me. I need to have more confidence in myself and become brave to face any challenges at work. Thanks Salt & Light Ventures for being approachable and a very good organizer."


Marilou Magnaye 

Executive Assistant 

Max's Group, Inc.

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