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Unconscious Bias

March 20, 2020 | 9 AM to 5 PM | Joy~Nostalg Hotel & Suites

Program Description

No matter how hard we try there there will always be unconscious biases, in this workshop you will learn how to remove the negative biases as well as using existing ones to your advantage.

Learning Benefits

This workshop aims to:

  • Define Unconscious Bias in the influence of Diversity and Inclusion;

  • Describe the benefits of the awareness of biases and how to minimize its effects on

       workplace relationships

  • Understand diversity as part of the organization's competitive advantage;

  • Look into the differences in communication styles cross-culturally or inter-culturally;

  • Know the sources of bias in an organization and based on psychological models and researches;

  • Self-check on differences and how perceptions affect work relationships;

  • Study the physiology of bias as connected to emotions and cognition;

  • Learn how to handle difficult conversations in the context of mindfulness of bias;

  • Look into developing emotional intelligence as a tool in managing unconscious bias.

Your Facilitator

EJ Zara is a professional executive coach who has designed and delivered high-powered globally accredited development trainings and coaching. He has been tapped for his expertise in organizational strategic management and planning by companies such as Nike, Accenture, Philhealth, SSS, Board of Investments, Philippine AXA Life, Vishay Philippines, Inc., Philippine Heart Center, Intellectuall Property Office of the Philippines, Asiawide Refreshments Corporation, GMA, Social Housing and Finance Corporation, among others.


EJ is known for his trainings on leadership, team-building, communication and operations management. He has extensive knowledge in different fields in organization psychology such as experimental and social psychology necessary in the formulation of marketing strategies and field studies - an added value he shares to his training engagements.


He also has extensive professional experience in sales and marketing for various niche markets, serving in top posts of the sales and marketing departments of Philamlife. Currently, he is a managing partner of entrepreneurial solutions, Rooster Manila, Co., and a Management professor in Enderun Colleges.


EJ has been certified in coaching and global leadership by American Management Association, International Coaching Federation and Thunderbird School of Global Management. He has a bachelor's degree in psychology from University of the Philippines, and took his master's degree in business administration at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

Program Outline

I. Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion

         a. Definitions of Diversity and Inclusion

         b. Stages of Competence in the context of Unconscious Bias

         c. Benefits of Managing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

II. Factors affecting Diversity

         a. How Individuals Differ

         b. Types of Biases

         c. The Effect on Communication


III. The Sources of Biases

         a. Psychological Models of Bias

         b. Physiological Models of Bias and Emotions

         c. The Power of Perception


IV. Self-awareness and Biases

         a. Personality Differences and Effects on Biases

         b. Emotional Intelligence and its Benefits on Handling Biases

         c. The True Power of Listening


V. The Difficult Conversations

         a. Preparing for Difficult Conversations in times of Bias

         b. The Difficult Conversation Process


VI. Personal Leadership and Management of Biases

         a. Self-leadership and Vision for the Future

Who Should Attend

  • Managers, executives and staff who are interested in learning more about how they can understand diversity as part of the organization's competitive advantage; look into developing emotional intelligence as a tool in managing unconscious bias

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